• Lắng nghe rồi lặp lại.




street /striːt/

strong /strɑːŋ/

strange /streɪndʒ/

strength /streŋθ/

scream /skriːm/

screen /skriːn/

screw /skruː/

scratch /skrætʃ/

square /skwer/

squeeze /skwiːz/

squeak /skwiːk/

squeal /skwiːl/


• Hãy thực hành đọc các câu sau.


Exercise 1. Hãy hoàn thành mỗi câu sau đây, dùng câu thích hợp trong khung để viết mệnh đề quan hệ (không dùng đại từ quan hệ).

1. Have you found the bike you lost?

2. Most of the classmates he invited to the birthday party couldn't come.

3. The short stories John told were very funny.

4. The dictionary I bought yesterday is expensive, but very interesting.

5. I didn't like the man we met this morning.

6. The beef we had for lunch was really delicious.

Exercise 2. Hãy hoàn thành mỗi câu sau, dùng một câu thích hợp trong khung để viết mệnh đề quan hệ có giới từ.

1. I enioy my job because I like the people I work with.

2. The dinner party we went to wasn't very enjoyable.

3. The house we're living in is not in good condition.

4. I wasn’t interested in the things they were talking about.

5. He didn't get the job he applied for.

6. The bed I slept in was very modern.

Exercise 3. Hãy đánh dấu (X) các câu có thể lược bỏ đại từ quan hệ.

1. (X) The girl (who) we are going to see is from Britain.

2. He works for a company that makes car.

3. (X) What was the name of the man (who) you met yesterday?

4. The table that was broken has now been repaired.

5. (X) Do you know the girl (who) he is talking to?

6. (X) This is the novel (that) I've been expecting.