• Lắng nghe rồi lặp lại.




shred /ʃred/ 

shrill /ʃrɪl/

shrimp /ʃrɪmp/

shrine /ʃraɪn/

splash /splæʃ/

split /splɪt/

spleen /spliːn/

splutter /ˈsplʌt̬.ɚ/

spring /sprɪŋ/

spray /spreɪ/

spread /spred/

sprightly /ˈspraɪ


• Hãy thực hành đọc các câu sau.


Exercise 1. Hãy viết lại các câu sau, dùng cụm phân từ hiện tại (present participle phrase).

1. The boy playing the piano is Ben.

2. Do you know the woman coming toward us?

3. The people waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet.

4. The scientists researching the causes of cancer are making progress.

5. The fence surrounding our house is made of wood.

6. We have an apartment overlooking the park.

Exercise 2. Hãy viết lại những câu sau, dùng cụm phân từ quá khứ (past participle phrase)

1. The ideas presented in that book are interesting.

2. I come from a city located in the southern part of the country.

3. They live in a house built in 1890.

4. The photographs published in the newspaper were extraordinary.

5. The experiment conducted at the University of Chicago was successful.

6. They work in a hospital sponsored by the government.

Exercise 3. Hãy viết lại các câu sau, dùng cụm động từ nguyên mẫu (infinitive phrase).

1. John was the last man to reach the top of the mountain.

2. The last person to leave the room must turn off the light.

3. The first person to see is Mr. Smith.

4. This is the second person to be killed in that way.

5. The first person to catch the ball will be the winner.