• Lắng nghe rồi lặp lại.




lunch /lʌntʃ/

lovely /ˈlʌ

lemonade /ˌlem.əˈneɪd/

jelly /ˈdʒel.i/

glass /ɡlæs/

salad /ˈsæl.əd/

pretty /ˈprɪt̬.i/

Europe /ˈjʊr.əp/

parent /ˈper.ənt/

really /ˈriː.ə.li/

restaurant /ˈres.tə.rɑːnt/

library /ˈlaɪ.brer.i/

hit /hɪt/

house /haʊs/

holiday /ˈhɑː.lə.deɪ/

hospital /ˈhɑː.spɪ.t̬əl/

husband /ˈhʌz.bənd/

helicopter /ˈhel.əˌkɑːp.tɚ/


• Hãy thực hành đọc các câu sau.


Infinitive and gerund Exercise

1. Hãy hoàn tất các câu sau với hình thức đúng – danh động từ hoặc động từ nguyên mẫu – sử dụng những từ trong ngoặc.

1. Most passengers dislike having to sit in small, uncomfortable seats on long flights.

2. I must drive more carefully. I can't risk getting another speeding ticket.

3. Did Dick mean to tell Sue about the party, or did it slip out accidentally?

4. You must keep practising on the computer until you understand how to use all of the programmes.

5. The judge demanded to see the original document, not the photocopy.

Passive infinitive

Exercise 2. Hãy chọn câu trả lời đúng để hoàn thành câu. 

1. B. Ms. Thompson is always willing to help, but she doesn't want to be to be called at home unless there is an emergency. 

2. A. The children agreed to divide the candy equally.

3. B. I expected to be invited to the party, but I wasn't.

4. B. I expect to be met at the airport by my uncle.

5. A. Mr. Steinberg offered to drive us to the train station.

Passive infinitive and gerund

Exercise 3. Hãy chọn câu trả lời đúng để hoàn thành câu.

1. D. The new students hope to be included in many of the school's social activities.

2. C. Jack got into trouble when he refused to open his briefcase for the customs officer.

3. B. Barbara didn't mention being concerned about her progress report at work, but I'm sure she is.

4. B. You'd better save some money for a rainy day. You can't count on being rescued by your parents every time you get into financial difficulty.

5. C. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to upset you.